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"Dr. Sandra rejuvenated my athletic career!"

I walked into her office on January 27, 2014 with a back that had been diagnosed as having compression fractures in three vertebrae in my lower spine.  The first session she released the pain that had been crippling me, due not only to the fractures but also accompanying sciatica pain, muscle spasms and numbness and tingling in my legs, hip and spinal column. Together we partnered a one month program to remove all pain and inflammation, not only from my back but also my shoulder and hamstrings.  In the process, Dr. Sandra was able to return my bones and soft tissue fibers to a state of flexibility and pliability that they had not known in many years!  Dr. Sandra's expertise and eclectic wisdom in healing the body is unparalleled to any sports injury program I have ever encountered in my decades as an athlete.  Thirty three days after entering Dr. Sandra's office I competed in and won my first powerlifting competition since fracturing my back, setting four state and four national records in the process.  I am now rapidly spreading the word to my powerlifting bretheren that Dr. Sandra, with her gentile touch, insightful medical intuition and compassionate nature is far and away the best chiropractor I have ever received treatment from.  She is my chiropractor of choice from here on out! Larry Bucchioni 25 x World Champion, Drug Free Powerlifting West Palm Beach, FL

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"I am so glad I found Dr. Sandra!!"

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