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"not just bones and adjustments"

"I went to see Dr. Bontemps after seeing quite a few other Chiropractors for whiplash due to a  car accident I had nine years ago and was pleasantly surprised to find her gentle and her treatments all encompassing. She treats more than just the bones she takes time to find out what else might be effecting my  over all well-being.” “Dr. B is very attentive, very thorough and very far reaching not just bones and adjustments but it goes to the physical, psychological, emotional it’s very far reaching.” “I have really improved under her care.” -Andrea, Lake Worth, FL.

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"Dr. Sandra rejuvenated my athletic career!"

I walked into her office on January 27, 2014 with a back that had been diagnosed as having compression fractures in three vertebrae in my lower spine.  The first session she released the pain that ha

"She listens to what you need..."

My experience with Dr. Bontemps is amazing. She is really knowledgeable in her work. I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s an amazing Chiropractor, absolutely fantastic!” “Sandra really is amazing! Sh


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