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Meet Dr. Bontemps


Dr. Sandra Bontemps uses her 35 years of experience in a comprehensive approach to restoring whole body wellness.  She has dedicated her life to improving her knowledge and helping others.  She says, “What a pleasure it is, as a patient walks out my door, very often relieved of a burden they have carried for years.  I think what a privilege it is to treat this wonderful person.”

Originally inspired to become a healing practitioner from her own chronic digestive condition which led to a transforming experience, Dr. Bontemps became aware of her ability to help others heal.  She is committed to helping others achieve their natural optimal health.

The body will handle problems as well as it can.  If it needs help it will say so with symptoms.  The symptom may be totally unrelated to the problem the body is working with.  For instance, knee pain is often related to the gall bladder.

Dr. Bontemps interdisciplinary approach assists the body’s own release of the cumulative effects of stress, trauma and injury.  The combination of a light touch and non-invasive therapies perfectly complement medical regimes and have no side effects.

As your doctor, she works to restore balance to your whole body.  Restoring balance to your whole body will allow you to function more efficiently and you will be able to focus on your goals.  Everything improves when your nervous system communicates clearly with your body.

Dr. Bontemps specializes in a detox program using a Far Infrared Sauna and Detox Foot Bath.  She uses these skills to create the best customized treatments based on your individual needs.

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Why choose Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic encompasses so much more than back and neck pain.  The spine protects the central nervous system and allows the brain to communicate with the rest of the body through spinal nerves.  This communication allows your body’s main computer to monitor and control all functions

  1. Your digestive system will absorb more nutrients

  2. Your immune system will fight off more infections even before you feel any symptoms.

  3. Your excretory system will eliminate all toxins and poisons from within your body.

  4. Your circulatory system will continuously supply fresh oxygen and nutrition to your bones, muscles, nerves and organs.

  5. The whole body benefits.

  6. You will feel great, too!

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Your First Visit


After coming into the office, Dr. Bontemps will greet you and quickly go through the necessary paperwork to establish you as a new patient.  Then, with your file in hand, she will welcome you in to her office, discuss your background information, and determine your immediate and long term health concerns.

Once your concerns have been discussed, you will be asked to lie on a comfortably padded treatment table, fully clothed, while she gently palpates (examines by touch) the rhythm and flow of your body’s energy.  This initial examination will reveal those areas of the body requiring her skilled attention.  You will be asked to breathe with intention throughout the exam.

At the conclusion of this exam, Dr. Bontemps will share her findings with you and suggest how you can work together to best enhance your well-being.  If warranted, you will make your next appointment before leaving the office.

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