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"I am so glad I found Dr. Sandra!!"

"I spent years suffering from chronic lower back and hip pain as a result of a bad fall in college; shortly after the back pain started I developed a stress fracture in the sesamoid bone of my left foot.  I love to run and went to multiple podiatrists seeking relief from my foot pain over the next 5 years, but the orthotics they prescribed did not help - and the only alternative offered was surgery to remove the sesamoid bone in my foot.  

After living in pain for 6 years, I started looking into holistic health practitioners located near me in FL.  After seeing Dr. Sandra for just a few months, my back and hip pain resolved, and my chronic foot pain went from an 8-9 out of 10 to a 1 or 2.  She is highly skilled as a therapist and has a keen ability to intuit pain points and areas of tension in the body and release them with her healing touch.  I am not exaggerating when I say that after a 60-minute body work session with her I feel as if I've had an 80 minute massage.

Dr. Sandra is deeply knowledgeable and thorough in her approach. She is passionate about educating her patients on the connections between lifestyle, mind and body and helping them to achieve a balanced, sustainable state of health.  She has not only treated my chronic pain but helped me improve my diet and overall well being, leading to less pain, less stress, and better ability to handle what life throws at me. I have recommended Sandra to my family and friends - she was able to help me where other professionals could not."

- Emma O., West Palm Beach, FL

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